Is there any ways to change DPI in runtime?

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  • Hi everyone...I wanna make an option in settings page of my game that lets the user to change the DPI...

    Anyone who can tell me is it possible to change DPI in runtime?

  • Not sure what you want to do but the dpi is hardware, it can't be changed.

    You can however get the pixel density, DevicePixelRatio from the Platform Info plug, and change some scale from that.

  • Actually I mean if "Use high-DPI display" is on,the game performance is in low frame rate on most devices and graphic quality is good.but if switch it off,the game performs so smooth and graphic gets low...

    I wanna use this feature in my game to set the game to high or low quality...

    Now can "Use high-DPI display" be changed in runtime?

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  • And if no ways,can you give me the download link of "platform info" plugin?

  • Looks like "Use high-DPI display" was removed in runtime 3.

    Platform Info is the standard built-in plugin, add it the same way you add any other object to your project..

  • If you want to render the game at a lower resolution for performance reasons, use "Low quality" fullscreen mode. You can change that at runtime too.

    The "Use high-DPI display" was just another way of doing that but with a dependency on the display DPI - since low quality fullscreen mode is a more general way of doing that, the "use high-DPI display" option was removed in the C3 runtime.

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