Wall Climbing Help (Stopping mid climb and at the top)?

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  • Hello, I need some help with few features of my wall climbing ability. Most of the general code is in place and the player can move up and down the wall with no issue. I just need help with two things. Getting to the end of the wall and detaching from it mid climb.

    The code above is what I have so far, it disables platform and enables 8 direction movement while in contact with the thing that let's them climb (For context, they use sticky paint they shoot at the wall to climb).

    I need help figuring out how to make it so they can "detach" and go back to platform when they run out of wall, such as getting to the higher area or just run out without getting stuck on the wall like they do now and to add a jump thing so they can jump off mid climb which would also re-enable platform.

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