How can I make a walk animation?

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  • Hello, a very beginner here.

    I am from Spain, so sorry if my english is not good.

    Currently, I am following this user's videos as to make my own rpg in Construct 3 (for a class homework):

    However, when I pin the character and everything the idle animation works very well, but when I insert the walk animation the idle dissapears, I can no longer control the character and it goes where it wants to (I'll upload a video).

    This is my "code" at the moment. What am I doing wrong?

    I appreciate your help a lot.

    p.s: Just posting a pic of my code of the character as the others work wonders...

  • I forgot to read that it's an RPG game you are doing, however, you can learn something from my comment here for that too.

    First of all, try to set run animations to "start at current frame", always. Also, remove the duplicate "simulate right movement", 1 is needed only.

    There are a number of ways you can do what you want to do in construct, however for example if I want to make a side scroller and make it switch animations depending on movement and inputs, I would do this:

    Above I just use the Invert option on the event, checking if the player is MOVING or NOT. If he is moving, set animation to run and start at the current frame, if he's not moving, set to idle and start at the current frame.

    Why I highlight the current frame part is because if you set it to play for beginners, the construct will call this function whenever a player is moving, so you don't want the animation to repeat, in your case, you could just change it to "start at current frame" and it will prob work.

    For the mirrored sprite, all you have to do is check input, so if the user clicks the left arrow, mirrors the sprite If the user clicks right arrow, un mirror the sprite, the same solution goes for up and down movement, etc.

  • Hi, we can only guess with this limited information. Why do you have 2 simulate right actions? Probably an issue with that because setting an animation shouldn't really affect the control of the character.

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  • Add me on discord. ZtarDuzt#8322 ill show you how , real easy

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