Wait function seems to impact other loops

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  • Hi,

    I'm having an issue using wait. My understand is that it shouldn't cause any other loops to wait, only the loop it is used in. However, I have a section of my game where a portion of the map fades in, waits 8 seconds, then fades out again (time up). While it does this, it pauses my camera follow loop, which tracks the player (and a few other loops, too) - but not all loops.

    I can't share the game as it is for a client. However below is a screenshot of the offending loop:

    And an example of a loop that stops working for the 8 second wait:

    Am I totally misunderstanding how wait is used? Any advice would be helpful.


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  • None of the events shown are loops? Correct the wait should not affect the other event so there must be another problem. Looks like that fade event could do with a trigger once, it might have an effect.

  • If those events are continually true, it will continually re-run them every tick, and keep queuing up more and more waits. You probably want to use a trigger, or the 'Trigger once' event, to make it happen once.

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