How do I wait then don't wait?

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  • C3/Mobile Game

    I have multi levels in the game. In most levels sprites fall at different intervals (4 or 5 seconds or not at all) That part is working.

    What I need is away to say, in Level X wait 5 seconds THEN every 4 seconds drop the sprite. I don't see an option for that and I have a feeling if it is an option it would make the sprite fall every 9 seconds and that wouldn't be good.

    I've been Googling this on and off for 3 days, but there is no good way to word it so Google gets the idea.

    Anything thoughts?

  • Bigger Question: Why Did This Work?

    It just popped into my head. I didn't think it would work. It doesn't make any sense to me why it would work. But it is doing exactly what I wanted it to do.


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  • You could use Timers for that

    Here is one example

    Level 1 waits 5 + 4 then Spawn every 4 secs

    Level 2 waits 5 + 6 then Spawn every 6 secs

    Level 3 waits 5 + 8 then Spawn every 8 secs

    If you have many levels then to avoid putting a big "Else" List you can just save the the info in a dictionary and extract it from there at the start of layout

  • For the second example

    Why do you think it shouldn't work? and I can try to explain from there

  • For the second example

    Why do you think it shouldn't work? and I can try to explain from there


    Thank you for both replies.

    For the second one, I thought it would be 'wait 8 seconds then create the sprite, then wait 4 seconds to release the sprite, then repeat'. I only tried it to prove to myself that my theory wouldn't do what I wanted it to do.

    The other reason I don't know why it worked is because I have no idea how a sub-condition without the condition works.

    My train of thought literally went like this: I'll try a sub-condition. Which sub-condition? I don't know. I'll make a sub-condition, move the speed and angle into it and Then I'll figure out what I should put as the sub-condition. Mmmm I wonder what this will do if I click play.

    That is how I got to this point - dumb luck. lol

  • You're Welcome

    I see,

    So here is what you have at the moment according to the events that you posted not sure if its what you were trying to do though:

    Every 3 seconds you create the object "Spr_StarBad"

    Then you have on the event that you highlighted:

    "Spr_StarBad" on created >>>> wait 8 seconds and set Bullet Speed and Angle

    So if you wanted to create every 8 seconds then that is not what was happening as you creating that object every 3 seconds then the Objects don't move because probably they start with Bullet speed = 0 then 8 seconds later you make them move. So you could have easily two objects created and waiting to be move between each spawn.

    You may wanna read this to help you understand more about how the events work:,run%20for%20those%20instances%20only.&text=The%20specific%20instances%20of%20Bullet,%22picked%22%20by%20the%20event.

    I hope it helps

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