Virus ransomware

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  • That sucks.

    I’d say if you can, don’t run that pc anymore for the moment. At least don’t boot into Windows so the virus can’t run.

    If you have access to another pc you can make a bootable usb. Then you could boot into that instead of Windows so the ransomware can’t do more damage. That way you can also get at your files.

    I’ve used something like this before when one of my PCs took a dive.

    To boot from a usb drive instead of a hard drive you reset the computer and as soon as it turns on you press the f10 key or something like that to open a boot menu to select what to boot from.

    I’d say once booted into the usb drive you can copy over all the files you want to keep, even if encrypted already. From the looks of it lots of these randsomwares eventually get figured out so you can decrypt your files.

    Also from the usb drive you could scan the computers hard drive to see if it can find deleted versions of the files before they were encrypted.

    Anyways once done with that you could factory reset your computer hard drive. It usually is a boot option now a days. That will wipe your hard drive and leave you with a clean Windows install.

    Anyways, just some ideas.

    thank you so much for your help friend i really need, for now i was discouraged in creating games because i lost all my games that were in development on c3 including game keys that were on googleplay now unfortunately i will have to save all my files and wait God willing one solution for decrypting because there are bad people in this world and they do not deserve my crying or anyone else's.

  • This is why it's essential to have regular backups for digital work. You never know what might cause you to lose your work.

    Yes this is a lesson that will take you to never make that same mistake again.

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  • R0j0 is right c3proj is jason based... i was thinking at the single file format c3p thing or whatever the extension is ... that is a zip file that contains the c3proj and required assets/plugins...

    i wanted to say if is worth mentioning ... if u didn't try... if you didn't messed with the backup default options of Construct3 ... try looking for an automatic backup of your project... i know won't be the latest changes... probably... but atleast u get ur c3 project back as piiq probably diregarded it as its something like backup_231231312312312312.something_weird_code_hash

    you will find the backup file for construct projects in your c/windows/temp folder or in local/user/temp or in local/user/appdata/temp one of those 3 places might be anoter 4th place or 5th if ur running windows 10. sometimes if ur project is saved on desktop there might be a hidden backup file around for the project also on the desktop.

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