How does viewport work in 3D?

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  • When you change the viewport in the demo "First-person shooter", the aspect ratio of what is on screen is not ideal anymore.

    The demo starts in viewport size 854 x 480. (16:9)

    When I change the viewport size to one of these two:

    500x281 (16:9)

    300x168 (16:9)

    Then everything seems stretched.

    Because I kept the ratio the same (16:9), I was expecting to see a normal aspect ratio, in a smaller viewport.

    However, I get to see a stretched view of the world.


    Why is this?

    How do I change the resolution/viewport size in this demo without a stretched appearance?


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  • Construct currently uses a normalized Z axis, where everything in 2D displays at 100% scale with the camera at a Z height of 100. One consequence of this is there is a Z scale (shown in the 3D camera properties) that changes depending on the viewport size, which is what you're seeing. I think at some point we'll add a way to use regular units on the Z axis, as while the current normalized approach is convenient for 2D games, it's not always ideal for 3D games.

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