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  • Hi, so if I'm creating a platform with a width of 5000*1000, the viewport defaults to the top left. And the layout is bigger below. This is a bit of an issue because the player needs to up as he moves along. If he does go up there is no space for him to move up because the layout space is all below him. This would be an easy fix if I could just move the viewport to the bottom left of the layout on startup, but it seems you can't do this??. I prey there is work around to this. Thanks

  • In the editor the viewport will always stay top left. You can build your stage like you want. Give your player sprite the 'ScrollTo' behavior and the viewport automatically moves to the player after the layout starts.

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  • Hi, yeah the player has the scroll to. But the stage vertical width always goes down and not up. See what I mean by the screen shot? The player must go down in order to get more room. Am I being stupid here?

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