How do I view/edit my dictionary keys/values?

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    I have a dictionary that I would like to display the contents of and also edit the keys and values individually. The key is a time and the value is a ratio. Ex: 0930, 2.5


    I can get the keys/values into text fields in columns using the "for each key" condition, BUT when I go edit an individual key or value, it updates all of the keys or values. So if I update a key, the text fields will update all the text fields for the keys. If I change the value text fields, all the value text fields will display the same value.

    There's no way that I know of to pinpoint just that one text field. I can't use "self." or anything that allows me to change just one item.

    I hope I'm making sense. I do not have anything to show what I have because I simply deleted this part to start over.

    Thanks for any help!!!!

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  • You can use Dictionary.CurrentKey and Dictionary.CurrentValue inside the "For each key" loop.

    If this doesn't help, please post a screenshot of your code.

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