How can I view my game in full screen on any smartphone?

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  • Hi, I'm building a game with a layout size of 1920 x 1080. How can I display it on any device completely in full screen? I tried the "scale inner" option, but layout parts are cut off. Thank you

  • Are you using C3 runtime? Have you tried 117 there were a few issues with scaling and positioning on previous C3 runtime builds but should be sorted in 117.

    are you sure your game window / viewport size is 1920 1080 (not layout size) and your phone is the same? Scale inner might chop off the edges if there were discrepancies.

    Anyway try Stretch Letterbox Scale instead that is usually a good default option to start with that works on all screens unless you are trying to avoid scaling or black bars

  • I want to have a game without black borders, completely fullscreen

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  • yea, with stretch letterbox scale , if your window is 1080 and your screen is 1080 then you will have no black bars and complete fulll screen

  • Yes, but it is a game intended for Playstore, so it will be downloaded from different types of devices

  • ahh, ok you need some proper advice from mobile developer then,

    I have not made for mobile

    I assume to go full screen properly on all devices will require more than simple scale option.

    (sorry edited a bit)

    I assume you will need to use crop or centered

    also you will need to move hud items by using anchor behaviour and maybe 9 patch for border items etc.

    you may also need to manage the scale for different resolution/ dpi screens not sure about this but maybe

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