How do I Version control my Projects?

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  • Hi,

    So I am fairly new to game design but I work as a software dev, so I am used to version control systems a lot. I just finished the tutorial and i keep expanding the game to learn the engine and I already had two moments, where I really wished, that I could go back and forth between versions to see what I changed to break something.

    The .c3p file seems not to be very versionable, as it is binary and I also do not know where all the assets are saved, so I could at least put them into a vc. I know, a picture or wav in vc also does not help a lot, but had at least an always running project in my vc.

    How do you guys vc your construct projects or is this just not a thing in game dev/construct?


  • c3p is a zip archive with assets and some json files. Quoting Ashley:

    Use "Save as project folder" menu option.

  • I am using git with the Save as a project folder option which dop2000 mentions above. It's working well.

    My .gitignore is simple (don't commit UI state.)


    Most of the project JSON files are very readable in terms of changes to objects and events, etc.

    For doing multiple people editing files, you need to be more careful. Try to split up events and layouts with different owners (and name the sheets/layouts according to owner) and perhaps a shared common event sheet that must be carefully edited and maintained in terms of commits and changes (I have not done multiple contributors myself, it's anecdotal from others doing this and discussing it on the Construct Discord.)

  • Ok, thanks a lot, was not aware that this file is a zip. And you are right, the json seams to human readable enough to see changes. I will give it a try =)

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  • Use "Save as project folder" menu option.

    I can't find this option, can someone point me to where it's or how to enable it? Thanks!

  • Enable experimental features.

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