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  • I need three variables each individually come to a certain amount the 1 is added to a fourth variable.

    So Like

    firstVar must equal at least 15

    secondVar must equal at least 10

    thirdVar must equal at least 5

    then add 1 to fouthVar

    ;;---------but wait theres more----------->>

    I need the variables to increment to those numbers not be those numbers.

    Like for every firstVar 15 count,

    but also it has to be at least those numbers but it's ok if it passed those numbers, probably sounds like and array headed my way.

    Another example.

    I need 3 carrots

    I need 5 apples


    I need 6 breads all for 1 credit from a bakery.

    But Also I could of picked up 10 carrots by then IOW I don't have to stop collecting carrots each time and wait till the other two conditions happen.

    I hope I'm explaining this right.

  • I'm not really getting it, you mean like this?

  • lol YAS.

    It's like I forgot About Math lol. I blame it on my sinuses. :)

    Thank you!

  • Ok great :)

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  • Ok Works, I got spin variable like a timer going instead of just adding 1?

    I know it's something simple.

    And How do you get two animation frames to oscillate back and forth for a simple animation, cause I think that might be the problem.

  • Add a trigger once condition.

    You can set the animation to loop=yes

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