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  • Hello,

    At the moment I am using 3 webm videos in one of my layouts. They weigh a total of 5MB.

    The largest (in dimensions) is 1MB. It runs for 13 seconds and loops. It is 1600x1120.

    I am using video because there's a lot I can do in a video that I can't do in C3. I've tried plugins and a myriad of other things, and I thought I'd hit the jackpot when everything ran smoothly.

    Then I tried it with workers set to off. I was advised that games should work well in this mode for various reasons, including compatibility.

    With workers on, the game runs at 144FPS (my max refresh rate).

    Without workers, it's around 60 and stutters a lot.

    When I remove the videos as background elements, it's a lot smoother.

    Can anyone tell me how I should proceed? I'd love to keep using workers, I can't fault the performance with them on. Will the Greenworks plugin work with workers? Am I likely to face any other issues if I force them on?


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