Using loopindex with time events

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  • In C2 im actively using loopindex with wait feature

    For example

    repeat 5 times - wait 0.1*loopindex

    move object by 10*loopindex pixels

    that makes object moving on 10 pixels at start and than increase its speed till 50px at the loopindex 5

    For now, in C3 it dosnt work

    with the above code, it always will give 50 px, because even after first wait 0.1 sec loopindex will equal to 5(last number of loop)

    Please advice how to do something the same in C3

  • A way to implement this.

    Made with beta r255

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  • A way to implement this.

    Made with beta r255

    Thank you Kyatric

    the problem is, I do not want to use additional variables, arrays, or something.

    I m making a big project with a lot of elements, and it is very hard to use arrays for them. and do not want to use additional variables as long as I already have thousands of them and as I know, it has a big impact on the performance

    Resolved the issue with variable

    "damage taken"

    but will be much better if it was possible to do as described in the first post

    here is the example in the game that I made in C2

    (pieces glowing effect at the level end)

    I'm just wondering, isn't it possible to make some action, that will repeats with some delay

    Like, repeat x times with y delay. I'm sure it will be useful in many cases

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