Using Framerate Mode to debug framerate independent issues?

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  • I suppose this is a question for devs but maybe someone has experience. I have read the manual but it is not so explicit in this area.

    Question. Can I use the unsynced framerate modes to accurately and dependably test for framerate independent issues.

    I am asking as I am getting some unusual buggy behaviour when using these testing modes (which are giving very high framerates anywhere from 300 to 1000+ fps ). Issues which I have not observed on up to 144hz monitors. But maybe the 144hz was not high enough to see them.

    I just want to make sure I am not wasting time chasing issues that are not realworld.

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  • At the least it would make it more obvious if you forgot to make something framerate independent that should be.

    Otherwise it probably depends on what specific issue you're having or looking for.

    Just don't forget to turn it off before export...

  • Its kind of a pseudo physics thing. I am adding a delta acceleration(x60dt) to a delta distance(x60dt) per tick to fake a kick back. it appears to work fine and be framerate independent on the v synced but on the non synced sometimes it dosent work and there is no kick back like hitting solid wall. Think it may be exposing a flaw in my plan. I will keep an eye on it. will try to mock up a test file if it remains an issue. Cheers

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