No user input during preview (random occurence)

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  • Hi all,

    Finally bit the bullet and made the jump from C2 to C3, but am now wondering if anyone else has had the problem where preview mode seems to randomly load up in such a way that the user has no input ability whatsoever?

    It seems to be random as to when it happens, and its all or nothing, either full control input is present, or the preview responds to zero input, but it still running according to debug mode.

    Its quite a large project for me to post so I'd prefer to avoid sharing the c3p file if possible. So I'm mostly just curious if anyone else has run into this? It is a custom input system I've built so the problem could be on my end... but I've been over it pretty heavily and haven't found a possible cause yet.

    Thanks for any and all input/suggestions

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  • Press F12 in preview when this happens, and check console log, there may be an error message.

    Also, try disabling "Use Worker" in advanced project properties.

  • Use Worker is already off and the console reports:

    "DevTools failed to parse SourceMap: chrome-extension://gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom/"

    My knowledge of anything HTML5 related so pretty non-existent I'm afraid...

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