Usage of multiple Construct 3 subprojects into the main project

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  • Hi All,

    I am new to construct 3. My requirement demands multiple small games in a single view. Its basically for a mobile and Web. So, I was exploring Construct 3 and found it would be a good fit, except, I am not sure how to load multiple small games separately. To understand it better.


    MainConstruct3 Project

    - Sub project 1 (separate C3 projects)

    - Sub project 2

    - ...

    Web Server

    Main Construct 3 (url path :

    - Use Iframe to load

    - Sub project 1 (url path :

    - Sub project 2 (url path :


    1. Sharing of data between projects is a bit complex. Need to send the data to the server and get the data back from server. Local storage cannot be used. Session storage can be used temporarily.

    Are there any other method to achieve my requirement?

    Reason why I want this setup

    1. Scalability - the requirement demands lots of small games. Using multiple layouts in a single C3 file may not be scalable.
    2. I wanted to minimize the effort for web and mobile development as I am developing it alone.
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  • A single page is not advisable as it can bog down the users system.

    You can use QueryParam, and QueryString to load separate projects in separate pages with params used to transfer data between games.

    It would require a page with links to those html pages.

  • Interesting thought!!. Basically, the blocker is how to pass the data between the games . If I send it via Post request to the parent C3, I should be able to handle it and store the updates.

    Let me check the feasibility. Thanks.

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