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  • Hey, all.

    So, I'm trying to send a saved state of a game I am working on to a database on my server so that the saved state can be downloaded onto another device without losing any progress.

    I've got a trigger to save the game, insert the saved game into an array slot as a json, then send that SaveStateJSON to the database via a php script.

    It's the same method I use in the game to send single pieces of information without a problem. So I know the mechanics work just fine.

    The problem I am running into is that I keep getting an error when I watch it in the browser console that says the URI is too long. Looking at the url it is 23,821 characters in length (down from around 85,000 after putting the no-save behavior on every sprite and text field) which is still too long for the POST to happen via AJAX.

    Is there a step I can take to condense the data? It seems like there should be an easy answer that I am missing.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I am using C3 for this project, if that makes a difference.

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