Urgent: How do I disable Chrome Speech Recognition Beep?

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  • Using the default speech recognition example, on Android, whenever I press "start", there's a beep.

    I googled a lot and found it's from Chrome, and I can't disable it.

    However, people in forums suggest "muting the Audiomanager" and then unmuting it.

    I've seen this code suggested

    AudioManager mAudioManager =(AudioManager)getSystemService(Context.AUDIO_SERVICE);
    mAudioManager.setStreamMute(AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC, true);

    Is there any way I can use this code from inside Construct 3?

    Is there another way to mute android System sounds?

    thank you!

  • Ashley any ideas? Speech recognition is unusable in a game when it beeps constantly, and C3 is unable to do anything about it

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  • The browser plays the beep, probably as a browser usability and security measure to make it clear to the user speech recognition is active. It seems fairly short and inoffensive, why would you want to remove it? I suspect browser makers would consider removing it as a sign the web page is trying to silently steal your voice input, which would be a serious privacy violation. Anyway, Construct doesn't control that, the browser does, and the code provided is Java so is not applicable to Construct.

  • I would want to remove it as I made a voice activated system to give commands to my phone while in costume inside a huge suit of armor. The phone then proceeds to say pre-recorded catchphrases through a speaker. Beeping before and after a command is recognized ruins the experience completely.

    Since we have no way of removing the beep, for the reasons you stated, I proceeded to make the voice activation whistle based, using the Peak Analyser. 2 whistles do one thing, 3 whistles do another and 4 whistles enables voice recognition, for situations where I don't mind a beep, so I can change modes.

    Not ideal, but limitations force one to be resourceful. Thanks Ashley :)

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