How do I make an uppercut with 2 buttons, down and pressed?

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  • If all moves are made with different animations, then yes, I would play a "grab" animation on one character, and pin the second character to an image point in the "grab" animation (hands of the first character).

    I'm not sure about physics. If you are not using Physics in the game, then it's better to do the throwing part with some other behavior, like bullet with gravity.

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  • dop2000

    I still need a lot to do before I'll be able to test my grab animations, but thanks for the advise. I have more serious problem than that regarding memory usage. I realized that my sprite consume a lot of memory and I'm planning to use a lot of animations. I understand that I need to reduce the size of my images/frames but it doesn't look so eye candy after that and I still want to give it a try.

    I know that Construct only loads the images for the current layout, but let's say I have an object/sprite with 10 or even more high resolution animations.

    Can I offload some animations which I don't use during runtime for an object?

    Let's say I will have an option to choose between different fighting styles

  • It's not possible to unload individual animations.

    If you have animations for 10 different fighters all in one sprite, but only 2 fighters can be on the layout at the same time - then you are wasting 80% of image memory. In this case yes, you need to split this sprite into 10 different sprites.

    You can use the same approach to split animations by fighting style, but only if one style can be active at a time. Otherwise, loading a sprite with the required animation during the fight may cause a noticeable lag.

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