Uploading my app/game to Windows Store?

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  • Hi guys,

    I wish to upload my app to the Windows Store.

    I use Mac and so have downloaded Visual Studio for Mac 2017 and 2019, just in case. The build number for both of these seem to be 8.x.x and so on. (Image attached).

    When exporting from C3 the minimum build is 10.x.x and so on. C3 Windows Store option does not allow for a lower build than 10.X.etc.

    I have exported the original 10.0.etc but Visual Studio says it can't open the solution / .sln file.

    Am I correct in assuming that maybe I have to use the Windows version of Visual Studio in order to get this to work out?

    And just a question, if possible, can I set-up paid licensing with an app I create through the Windows Store? I read elsewhere that C3 exports could only be offered for free through the WIndows Store...

    If you can, would really appreciate some feedback!

    Thank you

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