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  • I think I've asked this before, but I keep having issues. When I go into C3, the dialog asks me to update. I click update and then next time I go back into C3, it asks to update again as it has reverted to the old version. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it because I am updating to Beta? I have beta selected in the Settings as well for checking for updates.

  • I believe this is by design. If you always use the latest beta, you can't load it into an earlier version. This way you can't 'forget'. You do it by choice each time.

    If it's a small project, no big deal, but if you're working on the latest mega hit, you might not want to get stuck on a beta with issues (since its a beta) so you would run the stable release to update with. Potentially 'testing' on a beta release if you had a specific issue/function you needed.

    That said, I find it a pain too

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  • I think you're probably right. I'm going to switch to stable release and wait for it to catch up.

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