How do I update the game project on a server?

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  • Hello,

    I have a problem with updating game projects to our server.

    For the purpose of example:

    When the game is on version 1.0.0, I upload the .zip project (Construct 3 export as HTML5). The game will be available for the players at the following address:

    Everything workes great.

    Let's say in 1 week I make an improvement on the game and I want to make an update to the game files located on my server. I go in the exact same folder "/myproject", I delete everything and I'm uploading the new files there.

    The problems is that now the game will not work on the exact same address If I try to go there, I will get the following error:

    c3runtime.js:30 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'Je' of undefined at f.self.TS [as qy] (c3runtime.js:30) at f.lW (c3runtime.js:23) at a (c3runtime.js:24) at e.rv.wb (c3runtime.js:24) at e.Cj.wb (c3runtime.js:23) at e.Jr.wb (c3runtime.js:23) at e.WU.wb (c3runtime.js:23) at e.nL.E4 (c3runtime.js:28) at e.nL.Jf (c3runtime.js:28) at async InitRuntime (workermain.js:1)

    I don't understand why. If I upload the same files to a new folder, everything works.

    So, my question: how do I update the game files to a server?

    Thank you! :)

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