How do I update the app daily?

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  • C3/mobile app

    Can information be introduced into an app without having to update the app via Google Play?

    I have an acquaintance who owns a Donut Truck. He wants to combine a Mobile Game with a "Where He Is Located Today" app.

    So his app will be a game, BUT he wants the app to tell his customers where his truck will be on that day. And he never knows where he's going to be until he gets there at 4am. (He's always competing with other trucks)

    I've sorted the game, but how do I get the address of where the truck is on that specific day to show up in the app.

    I was thinking something like putting the address into a Google Doc and telling the game that on start up pull the address from the Google Doc, but that seems easily hackable.

    I am great with WordPress and could put a link into the app, but I'd like to do pushed notifications later and that wouldn't work.


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  • You are right that Google Docs is not a good choice here.

    You need to store this information on a private server, or maybe use one of the online services like

    Retrieving it from C3 should not be difficult, you just make an AJAX request. The data itself may be in clear text format, for example "Today we are at XXX street", or JSON with map coordinates etc.

    The most important decision is how the truck driver will be updating this info every morning. In case of PasteBin service they will need to login and edit the text. If you store it on a private server, you might create a simpler way to update - for example a small webpage or a Google Maps widget.

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