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  • Hello!

    Sort of a weird situation here,

    I'm working on a game that's going to be presented when I graduate in April around when I graduate college (scary!)

    But we just got back from winter break when I was without Internet access and I've hit a sizable roadblock; the project was made last year in c2 with a school provided license which has been since abandoned, I no longer have access to C2 But I can't open the project in c3 because of the plugin: Pin to image point (Rex_pin2imgpt) by Rex.Rainbow

    There doesn't seem to be a C3 variant to this, but it doesn't quite matter because I rewrote (literally on paper over break) my coding and no longer need the plugin.

    So my question is; Could someone open my project and remove the Pin To Image Point plugin so I can continue work on this project? Also I apologize in advance for any crazy stuff going on in the coding, this version has been passed back and forth between profs and myself so it's a bit weird in places.

    Tldr; Could someone download my capx and remove the usage of Pin to Image Point and reupload it so that I can continue working on my game?

    -link removed-

    ps: If there's some other way to remove the plugin without c2 please let me know, this is a real pain

  • Same thing is happening to me, im literally bout finish with my game and now all of the sudden,it won't open, all my old projects have been deleted and on top of that it keeps saying failed to open, i try to put it on my home screen, it wont grant me any access. Thank goodness I had it saved on my cloud or the project would of literally been deleted for good. I was able to get it to open from there and this happened yesterday. Worked on it for a good 5 hours and wrapped it up for the night. Now today, I went to finish the only 8% left of my project and now its saying it failing to open. I believe because of this "Game Jam" thing today has something to do with the cause, and since my whole account is paid for already, I believe it affected it from opening my games since it's now free until it hits the 28th. Now I just have to wait until then to see what happens because nothing ain't working for me today.

  • I got it to open! I had to go to the previous version that I had the project saved for. The version I had it saved on was the C3 R135.2 Version. finally, I can resume back to my project and finish the rest of it.

  • blackhornettechnologies.com/Construct2Stuff/CoalesceBU1201_rexless.capx

    I'll delete once you have it.

    I downloaded it, thank you so much!!

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  • You are welcome.

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