How do I unable collision on objects for all Layouts at once?

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  • Hi everyone,

    The question is more about process optimization.

    (Good to know for later, I will uncheck enable collisions before next time.)

    I use many same objects on almost 100 Layouts.

    I thought that by selecting one object from the Project Pane,l I would have been able to uncheck the option Enable collisions and it would have been removed for all Layouts.

    Unfortunately, it did not do what I thought.

    I also noticed that when selecting an object from the Project Panel that is not on the Layout, I don't have the option.

    So, before going in this long process of selecting my objects on each Layout (100) I wanted to know if you know a solution that does the above?

    Thank you all

  • You do it manually in events.

    On start of layout

    On creation

    Compare global variable

    Ease of use




  • In construct2 there are tow ways to disable one is in project Click on Sprite then properties disable collision other way is on start of layout disable collision for object you can't disable at once for all layouts next time keep in mind if you want object collision disabled disable for the first object after that all of them will be disabled but not the one you clone if you Clone that will again enable collision 😀👆

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  • yep Hard way to learn :)

    Thanks for the answers.

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