Unable to Add Tween to a Family (of Sprites)

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  • Before I go and post this as a potential bug, I wanted to ask if anyone else has noticed the inability to add the Tween behavior to a Family of sprites.

    Initially, the individual sprites, themselves, had the Tween behavior. I know that you can add the same behavior to the Family and it'll be something like "Behavior2" because of the existing Behavior to the objects that make up the Family.

    But after adding these objects to their Family, I found that the Tween behavior wasn't in the list of options for the Family, itself. All other applicable behaviors were, however.

    I tried removing the Tween behavior from the individual objects of the Family, deleting this Family and then creating an entirely new Family with the same sprites I'm working with. Even with the Tween behavior not existing in the sprites with this new Family, I still could not add the Tween behavior to the Family, itself.

    Am I missing something or are others experiencing the same thing?

  • Ashley, are you and your team aware of this?

    I'm just not sure why this is an issue when I've been able to add behaviors to Families even when the individual objects, themselves, already had the same behavior.

  • UPDATE: I don't know what the issue was, but after going back to what I initially had with the objects in the Family, deleting all actions referring to the behaviors for the individual objects, and then also deleting the behaviors assigned to each object, AND THEN adding the same behaviors to the FAMILY...it all seems to work. I don't understand the conflict as I've been able to add the same behavior to an object AND to the Family the object is a part of and it just said "Behavior2" when I did that.

  • Some behaviors you can only add once - Solid, Tween, Anchor etc.

    That's why if any member of the family already has Tween, you can't add Tween to the family.

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  • That agrees with what I seem to have discovered, too... Except when I had removed the behavior from the individual objects alone. Maybe I missed one. Ah well. It's working now.

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