How do I un-destroy?

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    The objective of the game is to go through the layout as many times as possible without dying, killing as many bad guys as possible and collecting as many points as possible. So lets say you go through the layout 3 times and collect 1200 points, the goal next time is to go through the layout more than 3 times and collect more than 1200 points.

    Now if the player collides with a bad guy the player dies, but the game continues as long as the player keeps killing the bad guys.

    I need away to regenerate all the bad guys that are killed each time the player loops through the layout - that has me stumped.

    I can't make the bad guys invisible when they are shot, because the player will just run into an invisible bad guy and die. I can't have the layout reset because I have a lot plugged into 'on start of layout'.

    I need an option like 'when the player collides with the pink square, reset the family of bad guys to exactly where they were when the this all started' Is there anything like that?

  • Could I set the animation to 'dead', make the dead animation 1x1 and set the position to below the layout then reset the animation back a few seconds later? The player has the bullet behavior that keeps moving it forward, it only needs to be gone for a few seconds.

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  • You were on the right track in your first post. You can disable collisions as well so it won't process any more collision events for those objects :)

  • There is a System action - "Recreate initial objects", which I have never used, but it looks like exactly what you need.

  • dop2000

    That may work. I need to setup a variable so that it only brings up what was destroyed, I have a feeling there's going to be some math involved lol.

    At the moment it loads everything including bad guys that weren't killed so they overlap each other (which I'm considering making that a bonus option - ha ha)

    But yeah, I think with tweaking that's going to fix the issue.

    Thank you sooo much.

  • Rory,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Well, that's simple. I always assume it's something complicated.

    Thanks again.

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