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  • Hey!

    Uh.. New guy to the forum here. Yup, a real noob...

    I've exported a tiny test-project where that at the first layout displays an image and plays a looping sound. When running the project in the browser or the desktop-app sound starts playing when starting. But in the exported project (windows app) I have to click the mouse button for the audio to start.

    I did some Googling as I should before posting here I guess. And found some old answers. From what I understand theres some sort of limit to the browser that forces the user to touch the screen or click a button before sound is heard. But I really didnt fins any answer if theres a good way around this. Since the replies were rather old, I thought I'd ask the question again. Just in case something new has come up..

    And yes. I have the audio as a sound effect. Not music. I read there were problems having it the other way around..



  • The only way to go around it that I know of is to have a dummy layout at start. A simple screen that says “press any key to continue”. It can have informative info, too. Like disclaimers etc. then on any jey cinrjue to your games real start layout.

  • Ok, thanks! If I would do a "real" project then I guess that's what I'd do anyway. This was just me trying things out.

    Thanks again!

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  • Browsers prevent web pages playing audio until you interact with them, so that random web pages/ads can't annoy you with music and sounds unless you want them. Since this is designed to prevent abuse, there is no way around it, other than designing your game to use a click/touch to start the game, as kikiki described.

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