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  • Greetings!

    I’m an UE4 user but I’m working on a project that will requiere a mobile companion app to connect through UDP on LAN and I’m considering using Construct 3 for the app, but I wanted to know what options do I have for that. I saw a few attempts on the forum but they are for older versions.

    I saw that C3 has UCP built in but it appears to have a very specific implementation (WebRTC?) that I’m not sure will work with Unreal.

    Ant pointers will be greatly appreciated.


  • Tell us the features you need, we will tell you if it's doable.

    Webrtc outside of the sdk is a virtual black box, or as we like to call it Multiplayer.

    You can connect to peers via a connecting server. The initial player acts as a host.

    Connection to other non Construct apps via Multiplayer is not a regular thing.

    There are other methods Like Websockets, or third parties, Photon, Firebase, etc.

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  • Ok, what I'm trying to do is to create a mobile companion app that I can use as a controller for the PC Game.

    I already have this working within UE4 (a build for the PC server and a build for the mobile apps), but the mobile app is 60 mb without any content at all, so I'm looking to replace it with something much more lightweight.

    What I would basically need is to send control commands from the mobile app (movement axis, turn, jump...etc), which would then be interpreted inside UE4. Also I would need UE4 to send feedback events to the mobile app (like player killed), so C3 will interpret them and will display a splash screen saying you got killed, for example.

    I already found a few plugins for UE4 that will allow me to create a server through UDP (which is what I have been told is the best solution for my problem), but I still need to find a client solution for UDP.


    Ps: I ONLY need this to work in LAN.

  • Well I think any solution that works exclusively with lan will wind up being close to the 60 megs as you would most likely need a local server.

    I think what you might be looking for may not rely on Construct completely anyway.

    Although this implementation might make it easier:


    Not sure if there's a C3 version yet.



  • I know about AirConsole, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do, but with my own propietary solution, because there's no AirConsole plugin for UE4 (amongst other things).

    However, since I only need to send simple string commands, wouldn't that be possible with JavaScript? (I´m asking sincerly since I don't know JavaScript at all. I'm just looking for the best way to do it so then I can find someone with that particular skill to do it).

    I found a github link with a simple example code for UDP connections with JS. Could this be implemented somehow in C3 to send/recieve the neccesary commands to UE4? gist.github.com/sid24rane/6e6698e93360f2694e310dd347a2e2eb


  • Browsers don't have permission to use raw network connections like sending UDP packets. You can only use the browser networking APIs like WebRTC, AJAX or WebSockets.

  • Ok, thanks a lot for the reply.

    I guess I'll have to go with something not browser based for this particular project.

    Still, I found C3 to be a great lightweight engine and I'll be 100% learning it as my secondary engine for prototypes and smaller/web/mobile projects :) So contrags on the awesome work on the engine!

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