Type mismatch bug prevents me from opening my project in ANY way!

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  • After trying to open my project today I got a message for "type mismatch". It forces the project to close and restart. The only solution given on the message is to open it with a previous version. I cannot open the project with ANY previous version because Construct says: project is saved with newer version.

    This is a request for Scirra team:

    If you wanted to prevent users from falling on type mismatch, then you could just prevent them from saving the whole project. It is completely unacceptable to leave the user save a project with file, that cannot be opened later.

    How am I supposed to work? I cant open the project with any previous version. This is a looping case where I cannot do anything at all. My only solution is to wait for a bug fix and a future release... Until then my time is completely wasted.

    Any ideas Ashley ?


  • To open the project with an older Construct version:

    Change the extension of your c3p file to zip, unzip it to a folder, open .c3proj file in Notepad and edit this string:

    "savedWithRelease": 16403

    For example, you can change it to 15200 and then try to open this project with different versions starting from release 152. Of course, this will only work if you are not using new features added in later releases.


    You can also try to find what object is causing the type mismatch error and fix it manually in JSON files. Press F12 in the editor window and then try to open the project, you may see some additional information about the error in browser console log.

  • It sounds like a bug. Obviously this is unintended and something that could corrupt a project is a high priority issue that is important to fix ASAP. However I'm afraid so far there is very little we have to go on so there's not much we could do to investigate. Please do file a bug and try to follow all the guidelines if you can - they're there to make sure we can investigate.

  • I have made the changes by myself. I have downloaded the project file, extracted its contents and edit the JSON files with notepad. I can now use the project as normal. Please add some checks when the user is saving its project in order to prevent those types of issues in the future.

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  • Obviously this is unintended, should never happen, and something we'd want to fix ASAP. However bugs happen, and unfortunately there is very little to go on in this post. Please do file a bug report and follow all the guidelines as best you can - they are there to make sure we can actually investigate and help you.

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