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  • hi

    i want to make virtual controls for a mobile game (not game yet,just curiosity).

    how do i test it with two mice at the same time(lets say i have two buttons that need to be pressed together)

    i have two mice and they work fine but they use the same cursor.


  • you cannot have two independent mice afaik.

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  • Web browsers only see one mouse. That alone makes it not doable.

    On mobile there is no mice, but you can have multiple touch. It can’t tell one finger from another so typically you’d have one player on one half of the screen and the 2nd on the other.

    Outside of the browser there are ways to get each mouse input independently. Typically you’d hide the operating system cursor and draw your own.

    Apparently you can add more features to nwjs exports to make it possible for windows exports. But I think it would be more worthwhile and easier to just remake your game from scratch in something else.

    So shorter answer, not possible in html5/JavaScript and in turn not possible in construct.

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