Two instances behave differently, why?

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  • Sorry for the cryptic description.

    I have a weird issue with a number of text instances that get created by a loop.

    So in theory they should all be the same.

    Now the weird part: The one instance that existed before and served as the example to copy the properties from as well as the first instance created by the loop respond differently when I try to use their .text property.

    When I refer to it by setting another object's text with the "set text" action all instances show their text, but for the odd two I get a blank result..nothing.

    When I use "append text" instead, the result is like it should be. Their texts are appended.

    When I append their text&"L" I get their textLL (two times the added string), which is beyond my comprehension.

    I know this is probably not enough information, but if someone has hunch you would make my day ;)

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  • Please post a screenshot of the events rather than describing them

  • Makes sense, sorry.

    So here's how the menus are created and then how I try to get their names later on:

  • I figured out a fix, but I still don't get it.

    The object MenuItem is a member of the family SwipeMenus.

    When I refer to SwipeMenus.text I get a consistent result.

    But since all but the first instance were created in the same way.. why does the second menuItem behave differently from the third?

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