Tween initial/end value expressions

  • Hi! I was quite baffled today after noticing neither Tween.StartValue or Tween.EndValue exists. Why?

    In my example, an object rotates X degrees on click. If I click mid-tween, I want to start the tween again but end up in 2X, not the current tween value plus X. Problem is I'd have to store the start value on an instance variable, which is quite frustrating. Am I missing something obvious? I have no idea how to do it in a cleaner way.

    This is besides the main point, but I used LiteTween a lot on C2 and it's very similar to C3's Tween but some of it's features like this one would be quite useful.

    Enforce mode and setting the end value mode to relative when creating a tween are some other ones. I understand these are hard problems to solve, and even though adding functionalities might make the learning curve harder for beginners, I believe Tweens are meant for intermmediate users anyway. Tweens are already awesome though, just looking for it to be as complete as it can.


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  • Forgot to tag DiegoM :)

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