Turret Rotation issue On Turret Behavior

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  • Hi guys, i'm a begginer in Construct 2, and I really need one little help

    I'm Making a game with Tower Defense Theme

    I made the Turret and Enemies , i already set the enemies Target

    but the turret rotate randomly to Unknown Target ,please help me

    Please help , Thank you

  • Do you have other enemies off screen?

    Does the turret seem to follow the enemy with movement even though it is not facing it?

  • Yes it keep shooting to enemy and it was damaging the enemy , but the rotation isnt facing to enemy , and i just have 1 layer , " background / road " and Game UI which the layer that control all the turret, enemy , placing , and etc also the solid wall is on the Game layer too

  • The turret seems to be aiming exactly 90 degrees off from the enemy in that picture, which makes me suspect it's an issue with the image used for the turret.

    In Construct 2/3, 0 degrees is to the right, so the image of the turret should face that direction in the image editor.

  • SO how do i fix them? please help ima Beginners


  • Yes, see the comment above. The turret is facing the enemy in terms of angle, just not visual. The front of the turret image should be facing to the right in the layout, it is probably facing up.

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  • Hi Guys, sorry in advance if this is not relevant to the turret your talking about. I came across this a few days ago whilst looking into Construct : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJR1yfULT_Q&t=6s

    As stated in a previous reply, simply double click your sprite in the right hand panel. Once the image editor opens up - rotate it so that the front of the turret is facing to the right.

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