My turret behavior is not working

  • Hi! I am currently working on a flash game with mechanics similar to, where the player controls a snake-like object and uses its tail to destroy enemies. I have a wave system set up where multiple waves of enemies can attack, and I want to have a moving turret enemy that fires bullets at the player when the player gets near. However, the turret behavior is not working: when spawned, the turrets do not respond to the player sprite, even though I scripted the event: On start of layout -> add "Player" object to targets. I have tried a dummy, and the turrets still don't target anything. I have rotation turned on, and the radius of the turret wide. Can someone please help? Would be much appreciated!

  • Do you have "On shoot" or "On target acquired" events? Do they get triggered?

    Can you share your project file?

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I have the on target acquired event and the on shoot to spawn a bullet on the turret, but they aren't triggering.

    I would send you the project file, but I'm not sure now to attach it to the reply textbox.

  • You need to upload the project to Dropbox, One Drive or similar service and post a download link.

  • Thank you! I wasn't sure if I was just being dumb and that there was a button...

    This should work:

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  • You don't have turret instances when your layout starts. That's why "Add target" doesn't work. Move this action to event #8

  • I moved the event "On Start of layout -> add Player to Targets" to right after the "System -> create object

    "TurretEnemy"" event. Unfortunately, the problem still persists :(

  • No, that's not what I meant. Move the action "Turret add target" inside the event #8, right after the "Create new Turret" action.

  • Thank you so much it worked!

    As you can probably tell, I'm new to Construct, so its awesome that there are cool people to help me out!


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