How do I turn off c3runtime's console logs ?

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  • Is it possible to turn off the console logs that come from c3runtime? Preferably just stuff at the level of .log and .info? Any ideas beyond manually scrubbing it would be tremendous. Thank you!

  • Why does it matter?

  • Why does it matter?

    For me, this is useful too. Why? I have some customers who want to have a "clean" export (no log messages and the warnings should have no note to the game-engine).

    Recently: A customer got a warning message that had construct 3 noted as an engine. He wanted it to be removed (or changed to own message)...

  • In my particular case, some parts of my game take place in the console, so I'm trying to have as much control as possible over what shows up there so as to reduce noise.

  • I guess if you really wanted to you could stash a reference to the original console object and replace it with an object which has the same methods, but are no-ops. Then in your code use the original console object.

    You would likely need to add global error and unhandled promise rejection event listeners so that any errors wouldn't be printed to the log.

    This is likely to be pretty brittle. Things like failed network requests get printed to the log even if they are caught, and it won't intercept any logs from web workers. But it might work for your project. If not you might want to consider making a fake console window for your game.

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  • Strange.. i don't see my post!? Only when i click on the reply-button and then under topic review.

  • macube I don't see your post either, but it does show up on reply. I'll talk to Tom.

  • The forums seem to be under some overly friendly caching, notifications and posts seem to stay/disappear depending on the page; repeated refreshing fixes it

  • Yeah we concluded it's probably an obscure caching bug, I've tried a few tricks to try and fix it but haven't had much luck. It doesn't look like it's synced to any of the servers though so refreshing isn't going to fix it. Your probably best off re-posting it.

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