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  • How can I make a tug of war game?

    I need sample file capx please ??

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  • I can see you are new here so I am going to give you some friendly advice:

    First, read this forum post:


    The suggestions in that post will help you get better answers to your questions.

    Second, it is not our responsibility to build your game for you. You need to learn the tool and figure some things out yourself. Go check out the tutorials. There probably isn't one about your specific game type but if you follow them and build the games they show, you will have an understanding of how the engine works. You can also check out all the sample projects that ship with Construct. You can answer a lot of your own questions with them. Then, if there is a specific problem that you are having that doesn't have an easy solution, ask it here.

    Finally, don't start in Construct. Start with a pen and paper. Write down how your game should function. Break it into easy to figure out pieces. Get it all written on paper and then (and only then) are you ready to open Construct and start working. Using your question above, here is an example of how to do this:

    Tug of war Gameplay:

    • 2 teams (possibly 1 player vs AI and 2 player)
    • Each team needs to have a pull strength.
    • For player strength could be a button click speed.
    • For AI strength is a static value depending on difficulty. Could incorporate a little randomness to allow AI strength to fluctuate more naturally
    • Scene will show a rope with a flag on either side of the play areas center point.
    • The rope moves left or right depending on the difference of the 2 teams pull strength.
    • When a flag crosses the center point, the team opposite the flag wins.
    • etc...

    This design document is extremely simplified. It could use some pictures and a lot more description but it gives you the idea. Notice how I describe how the pull strength will work. The more you can describe gameplay elements like that, the easier it will be to build.

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