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  • This is my first game, so I'm very lost in all this ad sense stuff. I'm realy in need of some help.

    I was able to successfully use Mobile Advert plugin in test mode without any trouble. Both test rewarded video and test intersticial ads worked fine.

    I then disabled the "Test mode" property and changed advert unit's in my code. Published at Play Store, but it doesn't work.

    I placed some text labels and triggers that change these labels so I can see wich part of the code chain is broken, and then republished in alfa channel. I got this:

    This mean:

    The app is corretly identifying me as out of EEA.

    The "On configuration completed" is being triggered.

    The function with the action "Create rewarded video advert" is also being triggered.

    But "is video loaded" always returns false.

    This is the Advert Mobile configuration:

    I think maybe I'm not setting admob right. I'm not sure if it should have zeros on at these spots.

    I would really appreciate some help. I'm totally stucked and I don't know what else to do!

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