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  • Hi,

    I've had some trouble with trigger once conditions. Let's say you have a main condition like Boolean = True, and a subconditions under it, some of what are supposed to trigger once while true and others that have other conditions. Do trigger once conditions work reliably in such subconditions or are you supposed to always use them in the main condition?

    I have tested this in different situations and seem to get conflicting results, sometimes it seems the subcondition is run only once and other times not..or maybe I'm just setting the conditions wrong somehow.

  • Trigger Once should be the last condition in an event. Almost any other uses (in sub-events, loops, triggers) can produce weird and unpredictable results.

    I would suggest making two separate events:

    1. Is Boolean set + Trigger once

    2. Is Boolean set + other conditions

  • Yeah I guess I have to do that, couldn't get it to work the way I wanted.

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  • you could try even if is "dangerous" this format


    ===> blank subevent ==> always triggering action

    ===> subevent trigger once ==> some 1 time action everytime when boolean is true(whenever bolead is true... spawns 1 item for example... the item can be spawned multiple times if the isboolean toggles on off)

    as doop said... might cause confusion and code breakage... if u don't keep proper track of it... just keep it at the end of ur code.

    personally i didn't had any issues with this format, unless i added random conditions on top with isBoolean

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