How do I trigger an animation from a specific instance of an object once?

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  • So I have these graves that randomly spawn over time. When I damage one of them they are supposed to play their "damaged" animation once. Instead they keep looping their animation (I do not have "loop" checked).

    I set it to play it's "damaged" animation when it's HP = 1. (HP starts at 2)

    I understand that the animation will keep repeating while HP = 1 is true.

    but if I add the "only trigger once" condition onto it. the first grave I hit will only play the animation once, but then none of the other graves will ever play their "damage" animations when I damage them as long as that first grave that I damaged still exists.

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  • just adding a for each loop to the event should do it.

    or instead of the trigger once put a is not animation "destroyed" playing.

  • Thank you so much! I did the 2nd suggestion you gave of adding a condition of "is not animation "name" playing." and that seemed to fix my issues!

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