Transition to another map when player moves to x square

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  • First of all, hello! :)

    At the moment I am playing around with Construct to see if I might be able to use it for what I'm trying to do.

    I want to make a Pokémon style game and so while I'm messing around with things I am... Using Pokémon's assets (because I have none of my own).

    So, what I want to do is make it so that when the player comes in to contact with one of the doors the game moves to the relevant map.

    At the moment I am trying to work things out and I think... To begin with I need to create each house individually as I don't seem to be able to create multiple collision polygons in a single image.

    But then, I can't work out what the best function to cause the transition would be. Should I make it so that a door is also an individual object and then make it so that the transition happens when the player collides with a door, or is it possible to have the trigger being when the player reaches x co-ordinate on the background?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, however as I'm completely new to this the more simply you can put things the better! Although I did finish the tutorial, that is for a completely different kind of game to what I want to make and I can't seem to find any relevant tutorials for this... (If you do know of any that would help, please let me know)

  • I've never played pokemon, but by your description it sounds like when the player is overlapping another object or comes in contact with another object (the door) the player is teleported to another layout - I'm a close?

    If that's what you're looking for, there is a demo create to show you how to do that:

    Sorry, if I'm way off, I'm now too.

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  • Hi Velokrysia

    There are a lot of ways you could achieve what you are trying to do very simply.

    Firstly, no you cannot have multiple collision polygons within a single sprite. To build your world I would recommend using the tile-map feature if you are familiar with tile-maps.

    However, if you do want to just use a single sprite then you can just use other invisible sprites as triggers for things like transitioning to the inside of a house. Keep in mind that there is a maximum sprite size of i think 2048x2048 which could limit you if you do it this way.

    Regardless of the way you do it an easy way to create a trigger is to make a sprite, and set the size and collision polygon to whatever you need. Add it to your scene and place it where you need it. In the left hand window of the editor, set the opacity to 0% and make sure the "enable collissions" option is selected.

    In the events editor, you can use the "On Collision with" event to trigger the change by saying: Player sprite 'on collision with' doortrigger - Then insert the action you want to happen.

    If you do go down the Tile-Map option there are other ways you can call the door collision, by checking if the player is overlapping a certain tile etc.

    Hope that helps

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