How do I transfer my C3 knowledge to website building?

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  • so C3 has given me the ability to do things I never could... like analyze picture pixel colors.

    Obviously so many other things.

    If I wanted to build a website (admittedly a different design suite) , how do I transfer my skills?

    For example, if I make a program in C3, but want it to function more like a website... what are some keywords I could search up to help me expand my programming skills?

    It makes sense to learn new skills.

    Should I learn Javascript for real, then study the output from my C3 project to figure out how to recode it elsewhere?

    Is Java script perfect for websites?

    I know, a vague question, but thats the goal right?

    Inspire new programmers?

    Advice from pro coders much appreciated!

  • Um sure, the keyword is Iframe.

    That's it, everything.

    The useful parts from C3 would be knowing how loops, variables, math, and etc work.

    The web is made of boxes, that's what C3 is to the web.

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  • Hello,

    I think that your idea is something that many of us feel, since it has also crossed my mind more than once to make a website with Construct, but it all starts with the "design of your website".

    As you know in greater detail what you want to do, the easier it will be to break it down and thus define what components you will use or tool.

    It may be easier for you to use something other than Construct, but that clearly depends on what you want to do.

    If you do not put your idea on paper, you will waste a lot of time rambling about what to do and it will confuse you on how to do it.

    Greetings and luck.

  • Construct as a website not a good idea, since most of texts and images are rendered inside a canvas, therefore the content inside it, can't be indexed by engines, and also the content generated by your construct app/website it doesn't stay there, it's only generated when u turn on or load the app/visit the website so the crawling of robots doesn't happen when search engines wants to index your pages.

    And for a website and SEO purpose/visibility on certain keywords, and content that is a must to have, always visible content, pages, images, etc.

    If you want to build websites,i recommend learning this 4 languages, HTML5, CSS or CSS3, Javascript & Php.

    Php nowadays is not really needed unless u want to do your own backend stuff to server etc... but if u just want to be able to install a wordpress environment and code stuff in it ... those 4 programming languages, or scripting languages should get u started. (if you get to understand javascript you don't really need php, you can work around php features with JS, but is good to have php skills)

    And the beauty of this 4 languages? all u need is notepad, (but i do recommend visual studio code, it will help you tidy up things faster plus u can do complex stuff with it later on when ul need it).

    There are other complimentary stuff that might help you for more complex features in your websites, like XML, Json file structuring etc... but those u will learn them by learning the 1st 4.

  • Thank you so much for the advice!

    I'll be taking a look at iframe and the 4 languages :)

  • Thank you so much for the advice!

    I'll be taking a look at iframe and the 4 languages :)

    No problem, is hard to start on it, but i find it easier learning by doing, that is why i always recomend the tutorials, u do examples and u get the gists of it by doing them. is so simple and well made. plus they started doing complex tutorials for fullstacks nowadays, but if u follow their camp tutorials ul get the skill u already have polished and transferred in no time to websites and even "native app coding".

    the beauty of Construct is that helps develop the technical mind needed for coding, u have to have that puzzling solving brain trained a bit, and Construct does just that, in other words, Construct is a precursor to native coding, especially now with the scripting features which is Javascript.

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