How do I track consumable purchases?

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  • When someone buy something on an App, sometimes the payment is not aproved at this point, so its needed to track that purchase to, when it is approved (by Android at this case), acquire the product.

    And how can i know that the purchase has been approved? Maybe its aproved 10 minuter later than the payment.

    There are 4 test card options when purchase something on Android:

    1.Slow test card, approves after a few minutes

    2.Test card, always approves

    3.Test card, always declines

    4.Slow test card, declines after a few minutes

    option 1 and 4 are new and there is no way to track that purchases easily.

    For example:

    Someone buy a product in the App (Premium for example)

    But the purchase is not approved at this point

    User exists game or layout

    after few minutes its aproved

    Con can the game know that is has been aproved? The user will have paid, but will not receive the product.

    -PD:Sorry for my English-


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  • Sorry I don't know the answer to the question, but maybe I can phrase it more clearly.

    In the event of a delayed IAP approval or denial for a consumable product that the store does not keep track of, what happens if the game is closed before triggering on purchase success/failed?

    I assume the purchase would simply be lost. Although I was under the impression that credit card processing happens entirely in the store overlay, with success or failure determined before even returning to your game. I imagine play store would have it's own timeout protections, but I don't have any experience with that.

    But that's what those tests are for, so you can try it and see what happens to decide how you want to handle it.

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