Tower defence, upgrading to level 2

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  • Hello, Im working on a new game for some time now, I have run into a issue I cannot solve, I would really appreciate some good clear instructions on solving my issue. "After multiple towers and multiple upgrade buttons are spawned of the same tower and same upgrade button how do I upgrade my tower more than once"

    I have my tower and upgrade button pinned and in container, when the tower and upgrade button is spawned I have the upgrade button read the UID of that tower,so I can upgrade the towers individually, this all seems to work fine, the issue I have is how do I use the same upgrade button to upgrade the tower to level 2, it seems when I click the button once it will upgrade that tower to level 1 and level 2 at once if there is enough coins.

    If someone has a completely different way on upgrading towers without containers, I would love to see it.

    Please be as clear as possible so I can implement your ideas, thank you in advance


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  • So you're saying the issue is it upgrades two levels at once if there are enough coins? Then only allow it to increase one level at a time. Structure your events so that when you hit upgrade it increases the level by 1 only, regardless of amount of coins.

  • I'm trying but cannot figure it out. I'm hoping I get some help with my problem, I'm spending far to long on it, I tried many different things with no luck

  • You didn't share your current approach because it would only be a matter of tweaking that. You can have an instance variable for level and increase it by 1 every time you press upgrade, fairly simple.

  • Lionz, thank you for refreshing my mind, I should of know 1+1=2 :) , finally have it working now thanks to you.

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