Touch / Tap Gesture condition does not seem to work correctly.

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  • I am trying to make it to where a tap gesture results in the player whipping,

    unless he clicks on the EXIT, in which case he does not whip.

    But the condition does not seem to work, and even clicking EXIT results in he player whipping that direction.

    Is this a bug?

  • AlbertHall

    I recreated your code and it works fine for me. There must be something else going on in your code that makes those conditions true (and thus the wip)

    what happens when you touch the Exit_Text? do you move it or hide it?

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  • Hmm.. Odd.

    Yes, the Exit_Text is just a button that takes you to the next room.

    It appears when you are next to a door.

    And that part works, I just don't want him to whip every time he goes out the door.

    I accidentally posted this in the Construct 3 forum, but I am actually using Construct 2 v269 64bit.

    I wonder if it's just a bug in C2.

    I did notice that if you hold the touch onto the Exit sign, it works as expected.

    But if you tap it, it whips as well.

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