Top- down/isometric racer - Ramps???

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  • I'm working on a tip-down racer that's sort of isometric on style.

    I can change the animation when I want to go up and down a ramp, but how do I simulate this on the Y-axis with my isometric view?

    Essentially... If I'm going left to right and I go 'up' a ramp (just a flat 2d sprite), I want the sprite to move up a set amount on the Y-axis according to the size of the ramp to simulate it going uphill.

    Also... For the same purpose the car needs to go 'down' if it heads right to left.

    EDIT: here's a random game I found with a ramp and even jumping! Simulating this would be great!

    Thanks for any advice 👍

  • Keep track of the base location of the car with a helper sprite, you can think of it as the shadow. The actual car sprite is pinned to this base sprite, and it's y position can be adjusted for the "height" in the air based on the coordinates of the base sprite.

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  • Oh wow that's food for thought... and certainly helps with the jumping.

    I found a near perfect example of what I wanted to make using PICO-8.

    Do you think this is achievable with Construct?

    I gather it's a pseudo-3D approach?

    I'd be interested to hear if there are any tutorials, or if anyone is interested in making the engine as some paid work.

  • Yes, anything you can do in pico-8 you can do in Construct.

    You can call it pseudo-3d... but its basically 2d.

    The race track example would be a good place to start -

  • Thanks,

    The basics of a 2d top-down racer I think are straightforward enough.

    What I'm struggling to get my head around is the jumps, ramps and sprite angle changes that the Pico-8 example does so beautifully.

    I can make the sprites myself using a 3d programme, but getting the movement and angle changes is stumping me at the moment.


    You'll just want more animation angles/directions instead of just 4.

  • Thanks, but that's not quite what I mean.

    In essence that's the easy part, and will have the car driving around on a flat surface.

    The difficulty comes when it goes up and down a ramp, or over a bump.

    The player has rotational animations for flat (as above), incline 10 degrees, incline 20 degrees, incline 30 degrees etc. etc.

    So when it goes onto a ramp it switches to the incline animation.

    The Pico-8 example above does this very well, and even in the jump the car arcs.

    This is where it's getting tricky for me.

    I guess anim1 would be lat ground rotation, anim would be 10 degree incline etc. so when the sprite rolls over a ramp it switches animation.

  • I've also just realised that the Pico-8 example is running in 3d looking at the source code, that's why it looks so good in movement!

  • Ah I was looking at the link in your first post.

    The second one would be decidedly harder to imitate with sprites.

    You may be able to draw it dynamically with the canvas plugin but that's going to be quite a bit of work.

  • The original was sprite drawn... and this was what I was trying to emulate:

    It's got a lovely 'janky' feel to it :)

    So it's basically a large spritesheet of different angles it calls depending on what type of bump it goes over?

  • I know this is old, but I didn't know if you're aware the Pico8 version of Offroad has a github with all the source:

    It is pretty impressive. It's hard to find anyone that knows anything about 2d isometric ramp handling. The fact that they were able to pull it off perfectly on the Spectrum and C64 means it's definitely possible to do with these game engines. It's all down to getting the logic right

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