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  • Hi everyone,

    I posted my project on this one gaming site and got an error telling me it had "Too many files".

    Now I asked them to exempt this project from that cap since, so that is not a problem anymore.

    However I'm wondering about the relevance of such a concern. My project is currently around 15mb large but has a bit more than 1000 files and more is to come. What are the effects of many files on a client?

    I was also recommended to use sprite sheets, to share files for multiple objects, I presume. I don't know of such a technique in Construct, nor do I intend to rework my project. But I was wondering if anyone has suggestions towards creating fewer files in a project that just has a lot of objects?

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  • Construct already creates sprite sheets, so that is already there. If you increase the max spritesheet size in project properties it should cut down on the number of files significantly, just check that it does not affect your gameplay in some way ( it shouldn't ).

  • I assume most of these files are images? You can increase Max Spritesheet Size in project properties and tick "Deduplicate images" and "Recompress images" when exporting. This should reduce the number of files.

  • Ah sweet, I wasnt aware!

    Or would that be a C3 feature only?

  • Since its a web game, you can get rid of the icons in the project files.

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