tired of trying .. problems with individual instances of the same object

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  • Sorry everyone, maybe it's something very obvious and I'm not realizing (hopefully so) but anyway.

    Here is my problem:

    2 generator objects creates 8 intances of an object (it is a worm)

    Each worm has the command to walk in one direction, but if it surpasses the player object.X , each worm must activate the animation "turn around" and when it finishes, the animation "walk" must be activated again and also rotate its sprite.

    I don't know why they only obey the first 2 intances (the one that comes from the left and the one that comes from the right).

    I come from using YoYo Game Maker, my knowledge is not high but it is not basic, someone could tell me which is the most appropriate way to apply to all instances and not only the first ones? .. thanks


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  • Try the system condition 'for each' and pick the worm object.

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