Timer Behaviour missing in Construct 3 Free Edition!!

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  • Hi guys, after complete the first project and starting my second one ,

    I found out that the timer behavior is missing from the add behavior options !

    Can someone advise me on this ?

    I used timer behavior on my last project and is working fine !

  • I'd restart the editor.

  • After you restart your editor did u see the timer?

    I tried but still not working =C

  • raymond91 , It may sound stupid, but check maybe this behavior is already added to the object?

    Or it could be added to the family, if the object is part of the family.

    Timer behavior has no properties, so it's hard to notice.

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  • Hi Dop2000,

    Following image are my sprite and the behavior i include,

    i'm not using family for this sprite.

    behavior of the sprite

    after i click add new behavior

  • You're working with the simple user interface. Opening Menu - Settings and toggling off 'Use simplified user interface' should do the trick.

  • Maybe

    "Timer is too good to be included in free edition."

    They want you to do your animations like this:

    [Char turn animation]

    Wait 0.2 seconds

    [Char does idle animation]

    Wait 0.2 seconds

    [Char does something]

    Wait 0.2 seconds

    [Char does another thing]

    Wait 0.2 seconds

    [Other_Object does something]


    On the other hand this all fits into 1 event to help save those precious event slots so I guess that's a "Good" thing....

  • Hi Hoodloc,

    Thanks alot!

    Issue resolved after i toggling off 'Use simplified user interface'.

    Hi MPPlantOffical,

    Yea, its really a good feature.

    I was so upset after the Timer is missing =C.

    If they really remove Timer for free edtion. I might do it with ur suggestion XD.

  • I added a special message when you enable simplified user interface specifically to try to avoid this kind of confusion! Did you enable it a long time ago and forget? I'm not sure how we can better avoid this... maybe we need a special notification in the UI.

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